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This morning I’m waking up to the crashing of waves on a long and wild Atlantic coast. Thanks once more to jet lag, I’m also up early enough to experience a beautiful sunrise that should be shared.

I’m on Kure beach, in Wilmington, North Carolina, spending a lucky weekend, snatched in front of a business trip, with two good friends. We’re staying in a condo – a beach house, in a long line of perfectly painted houses that stretch along this patch of coast. It is a dream of mine to live in a beach house (ever since falling in love with the house in Sleeping with the Enemy!), and now, for a couple of days, I am living the dream!

There are small clutches of fishermen strung out along the shore and a few early risers walk in the foam. A flock of bird skims the pink water, reflecting back our beautiful sunrise. And I’m perched on a wicker chair, breathing in the wet, salty sea air, thinking of friends and family out over the ocean, who could also be looking up at this same sun (if it’s not cloaked in clouds!) and already be well into their days.

Good morning sunshine, good morning world, I hope you have a wonderful day!

Beach houses on Kure
sunrise on Kure


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I am in the middle of an incredible American adventure. And I’m on a work trip, and I feel blessed.

We touched down at Raleigh Durham airport in our tiny little American Eagle plane early this morning and took a short cab ride to the highly raved about Umstead Hotel and Spa resort, our home for the next 24 hours. And it is nothing short of bewitching.

Set in a woodland, surrounded by trees with a beautiful lake and birds soaring overhead in the clear blue skies, the hotel provides a cool tranquillity as outside the heatwave continues its wrath. Escaping into the airy hallways of the hotel, enjoying our huge room with ridiculous bathroom and curtains gently rippling in the (air conditioned) breeze. This whole hotel smells like a spa, a beautiful musky lavender fills your nostrills and places you gently into a slow meditative state.

I had to muster all will power to spend a good couple hours working on my powerpoint, justifying my presence at such a place, but then it was time to head to the pool, it is Sunday, after all!

The pool is beautiful, and the staff are so attentive, bringing ice buckets with water and spritzer bottles to cool ourselves in the searing heat. A tray of delicious mint, peach and banana smoothie shots came round, perhaps the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted.

I’ve spent a gentle afternoon, dipping in the pool and reading, finally getting some down time after a somewhat crazy week, and I’m not feeling more recharged and refreshed. This hotel is amazing, and I may never get to come here in my normal capacity, but as a gal passing through on a work trip, I’m enjoying every delicious second and feeling the stress of life just peel away…

The more time I spent in the US in this beautiful heat the more I feel like I belong here. The energy feels good, the people are friendly and welcoming. The scenery is arresting, the weather is divine…

Now sitting in Room 529, at my desk, in my bathrobe, I’m contemplating getting dressed and very much looking forward to the lobster macaroni cheese that lays in wait for dinner.. THIS is the life!


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