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The great rumble and lurch as I hurtle along the concrete path, a sudden lift in the pitch black. The lights become smaller, we bump through the blanket and poooof!

Out we pop above the beautiful marshmallow mattress of cloud-cover. Rolling out into the distance like a soft winter blanket. The purest while, rippled and dappled with the blue of the dawn.

A bright orange speck on the horizon splits through distant cover and streaks a sunbeam across my vision. The colour, the deepest brightest blood orange. A tint only possible made by something Greater.

The sweetest, rawest sunrise over T5, en route to Copenhagen, 7am in October.

The infinite bobble blanket so beautiful, my heart swells. Another small adjustment, a gentle tug forward, and we rise another few thousand feet, the blanket drops away.



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On another balcony, watching another beautiful sunrise. This time the giant orange sun makes her leap from the horizon to cloud cover leaving behind a bright slash of yellow across my Melbourne morning.

It’s 6.30am at the bottom of the world. It’s the start of another beautiful day in Australia and pretty much everyone on the planet I know and love are still in my yesterday.

It’s taken me my whole life to make it, but finally I am here. Australia. Now just starting my fifth day Down Under and I need to reflect on my first impressions, as they’ll disappear into the wind if I leave it any longer.

The descent on the plane is the starting point. The first impression. From afar it was much like any other. It was overcast, so looked all too familiar. But as we got closer the strangeness started subtly. Roofs were a different shape, trees a little more gnarly.

The taxi ride into Sydney was more telling. Early morning so no folk about, but birds on street corners, bouncing after insects. Language on billboards ever so slightly different. And the houses as I reached Annandale a pot pouree of exotic cabins, different colours, brocade balconies, definitely something different here.

My first few days in Sydney, getting down to the water, finally getting my shot of Australya with e Harbour Bridge and Opera House hitting me square between the eyes. BAM here I am, pinned tightly to the surface of the planet. Right here. Right now. People eve where, jovial spirits, Australia Day. The harbour is way more compact that I imagined. My whole life the bridge and the opera house jump out of TV screens like towering divas, demanding you attention. Here they sit quietly, no shouting, but still I can’t stop taking pictures.

We go to the botanical gardens for a cheese and cracker picnic. I fall in love with the birds everywhere, exotic huddles of weird looking creatures and screeching flocks of bright coloured parrots.

Boats race through the harbour. We walk through the streets.

The next few days I work from a home office, but get respite from morning walks along coastal paths linking beautiful beaches, Bronte to Bondi, a lifetime dream, in search of the lifesavers, but disappointed to find they have beards and beer bellies, not like on TV.

The sun is fierce and welcomes me to Australia.

We catch a ferry through the harbour to Manly beach for delicious fish and chips, fighting off the Aussie gulls. School kids making the most of their last few days before school starts, driving the lifeguards crazy as whistles blow and loud speakers try to herd them between the flags.

Yesterday I left Sydney behind, soaring out in the morning getting an amazing aerial view of my last few days – the harbour, the bays clinging to the coast line, the ferry route to Manly, all perfectly framed through my airplane porthole.

We landed in Melbourne, my home now for a week. I was surprised at how big it is, skyscrapers and wide avenues with tramlines. A real city. I went to work and slipped into commuter life, disguised as a local. And now I sit on my balcony, on the 13th floor, overlooking my urban sunrise, getting ready for my day.

Coffee here is good. I wake up early in the morning. The light and sunshine gives me energy. People here are friendly but laid back. Straight-talking, no BS. Life is straight-forward, no drama.

I feel the distance from home but it’s more the distance in time. Here I’m a time traveller, a girl from the future, always ahead, an explorer in space time. I like it here, I’m meeting the world first and it’s bright and big and ever so slightly different. I know there’s a whole continent out there just waiting to impress me some more, but this time I am focusing on this small corner in the south east of e island. A hop and a skip from the South Pole.

But I know I’ll return at some point in the future. And I won’t wait so long next time.
















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This morning I’m waking up to the crashing of waves on a long and wild Atlantic coast. Thanks once more to jet lag, I’m also up early enough to experience a beautiful sunrise that should be shared.

I’m on Kure beach, in Wilmington, North Carolina, spending a lucky weekend, snatched in front of a business trip, with two good friends. We’re staying in a condo – a beach house, in a long line of perfectly painted houses that stretch along this patch of coast. It is a dream of mine to live in a beach house (ever since falling in love with the house in Sleeping with the Enemy!), and now, for a couple of days, I am living the dream!

There are small clutches of fishermen strung out along the shore and a few early risers walk in the foam. A flock of bird skims the pink water, reflecting back our beautiful sunrise. And I’m perched on a wicker chair, breathing in the wet, salty sea air, thinking of friends and family out over the ocean, who could also be looking up at this same sun (if it’s not cloaked in clouds!) and already be well into their days.

Good morning sunshine, good morning world, I hope you have a wonderful day!

Beach houses on Kure
sunrise on Kure

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