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The last couple of days Oxford has been iced with a beautiful blanket of frost. Jack crept out in the middle of the night and danced along the streets, across the park and over the rooftops. It’s magical and it’s cold. Oxford is definitely at its most beautiful when the sun shines and when the frost comes. As I was walking to work yesterday I was extremely distracted by a secret that Jack Frost has uncovered…

Oxford is home to an army of spiders.

spider webThere are cobwebs EVERYWHERE. On every iron railing along the park, covering bushes like giant crocheted shawls, over bins, down lamp-posts, over the bridges…

Bush with spider websAnd it’s one of the most spectacular things I’ve ever seen. The spidery webs covered in tiny little ice stars. It truley took my breath away, I felt honoured to witness something so delicate and pretty and created by nature. Now I just wonder where all the spiders are hiding. There must be millions of them running all over this city!


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