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Oh what a difference a day makes! This morning when I stumbled out onto the deck to get a second dose of beach front sunrise, I was met with a heavy blanket of grey and a chill whipped around my legs. A north wind. Or at least a wind of some kind. The cold kind.

The sea this morning is wild. Great banks of waves roll in, one after the other, pounding the beach in neat diagonal rows. Where yesterday you couldn’t walk the shore for packs of fisherman set up in their deck chair camps, today they are few and far between. Only the hardy came out today. Yesterday they were bare chested and lazily attended their rods between supping their beers, today they are swaddled in fleece, jeans and boots and bracing against the elements.

Yesterday we did tai chi on the beach, and experienced a magical moment as two pods of dolphins surfaced in front of us, playing in the warm waters. Today it’s only the pelicans who dance above the waves, mustering the courage before throwing themselves into the choppy waters below. The real fisherman of these shores, today with a little less competition.

The sun has wrestled it’s way through the blanket, and now, from my retreated breakfast spot inside the beachhouse (chewing on peanut buttered toast and slugging coffee) I can feel the intense heat of that October sun. It creates a blinding glare on the steely grey waters and once more this beach is beautiful. Today wild, unapologetic, majestic and powerful.

My beachhouse companion has emerged, wrapped up against the elements, silk scarf tied around her head. She offers a question – “pirate tai chi?”. Yes, there are strong gusts of wind and a pounding crash of waves against the beach, but it won’t deter our morning frolic on the beach, we’re heading out for another day on the sand…
Wild morning


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