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So I’m clearing up my desktop on my laptop as I’m heading to New Orleans on a week long work trip, and I discover some musings I wrote whilst on ANOTHER work trip earlier this year to NYC… I’m popping them here as I have a Meanderings and Musings section, for all things “Adventure” that don’t quite fall into bellydancing…

**Written in a hotel room, round the corner from the Empire State, during a strange, sleep-deprived but caught up in the romance of the City, Carrie-style fantasy**

So it only feels appropriate, since I’m in a hotel room, with my laptop perched precariously on my laptop, that I have some kind of dialogue with myself via that laptop. New York City is… captivating, it’s not so much the hustle and bustle that you hear about, since there seems to be enough room for everyone, it’s the colours, with the whizzing past of the bright yellow taxis, the smells, Nuts4Nuts carts on the corner with that burnt sugar waft, the sounds, as broad New York accents mingle with the rattle on the pavement from the far underground passing subway train.
I’m entranced, I love it, I constantly glance up at the towering skyscrapers and the bright blue sky overhead. Those towers block out the sun for most of my walk and then the sun breaks through an illuminates the sidewalk, blasting strong rays of light onto the back of my retina, temporarily blinding me to the path ahead.

Wall Street

Wandering through the financial district

Each block presents a feast to the eyes, as I pass delis with large multi-coloured cakes bursting at the seams, tacky NYC stores with every kind of New York trinket available to buy, coffee shops, gilded banks, neon Irish bars, all cheek to cheek with each other.
And yes, the smoking manhole covers. You hear about them, you see them, and yet you still want to take a photo of them.
There’s so much to do here that my feet are killing me. 10 hours of walking around yesterday simply wasn’t enough. I still need to get back out there. I have to go to one of the city’s best kept shopping secrets (I would say, but it’s a secret) tonight after work, but it’s OK, it’s open until at least 10…. I want to go to the top of the Empire State Building, but that’s OK, it’s open until 2am. I need to have dinner – I’ve been recommended an amazing place a few blocks away (the feet are mentally counting the steps), and I just need to walk around a bit more (feet scream noooo), take some more snaps on my Blackberry phone, say a few more hellos to random strangers. Breathe in more Nuts4nuts smoke and look up at the towering giants a few more times before bed.

The Boat at Battery Park

The Boat and the Babe

It’s a place that I feel comfortable being alone. There were plans for Happy Hour drinks after work today that got cancelled this afternoon, but I’m happy to do my own thing instead. So many different people here, a lot of unidentifiable dialect and a Canon pointing upwards, it’s easy to feel like I’m one of the locals, and I like that.
The pace is fast, the energy is high when you’re talking to people, the taxis don’t wait for you, they just hurtle past at breakneck speed, but somehow it’s easy to go at your own pace along the streets, and spend that time observing life pass you by. It’s the spectacle that’s so intriguing and I don’t want to rush to get to my destination, when the destination is occurring all around me.

Dogs in the City

I just fell in love with a local..

Dogs. New Yorkers love their dogs. Perhaps that’s why I love it here. Yesterday on my stroll from mid-town to down-town I came across park after park. Mostly devoid of all greenery as Spring is yet to set in here. And nearly all parks without exception had a gated off play area. Normal for a park, yes, and the play areas were busy with people, sitting on benches and chatting with passersby as they watched their DOGS socialise, play, fight and chase each other. It was hilarious and I was captivated. It’s as if the city has decided that human children are not the way forward, it’s all about the furry, four-legged variety.

And these dogs come in all shapes and sizes – from giant, wooly, mountain sheep dogs, to tiny hairless rats of dogs, all with their own coats/jackets/doggy blazers, trotting alongside their owners, off to meet their friends in the park.
Bonkers but brilliant. I belong here.

p.s. There is a tenuous bellydance connection here – I met up with a very good friend who I used to dance with in Oxford – who is a New Yorker, still living it large in NYC – she took me to a delicious Middle Eastern restaurant and taught me how to tip on a credit card!!

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