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Over the last couple of days I have become a woman possessed. I don’t know if it’s because the seasons are changing, or whether it’s because I’m transitioning from a busy period of my life (wedding planning) to a more sedate one (!) BUT I am suddenly feeling the need to kick myself into action.

First of all I bought a Moleskine notebook. I’ve never invested in a classy notebook before, but this one has special features and there are even YouTube videos on how to use it.

Then I went on a mad rampage (yesterday) and threw out all the paper that was sprawled all over my desk. I think I was inspired by a site I stumbled upon on my “investigation” into new (for me) and youth-oriented Tumlbr – Things Organized Neatly.

So my desk is clearer.

I then started reading my daily emails from the Huff Post, more specifically some of the delights from the Third Metric and Healthy Living sections. And these posts are rocking my world right now.

After being directed to a Stress-Management (re)Boot camp and completing their survey, I’ve scribbled on a post-it note (the only one in my office at the moment!), the following:

  • exercise

  • nutrition

  • charity work

These things are areas to be improved.

I’ve then discovered how to supercharge my walk, why the Swiss are the happiest people in the world, and how to boost your mood with just 80 seconds a day (loving the idea of well-wishing!).

So this is all very distracting, but it’s invigourating my lunch hour, albeit I am still sitting at my desk and staring at a glowing screen. So with that I’m going to prise myself off my seat and use my final 10 minutes of lunch-hour to stop reading and start doing. I’m off for a (supercharged) walk!


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