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It’s been forever since I last wrote a blog post. At least that’s how it feels. Nearly two months, I hang my head in shame. It’s not for lack of wanting to. I’ve thought about it a hundred times. There’s something happening. It’s winter. It’s dark, it’s cold, I’m slowing down and eating more. Wanting to curl up in a ball and hibernate.

I read an article saying that for some bizarre reason humans often feel the need to do EVEN MORE in the Autumn/Winter months (Northern Hemisphere!), it’s almost like a resistance to the seasonal change, an “up yours winter, I can keep going”, as we push harder at work, take on an evening class, rush around getting stuff done on the weekends.

We should, in fact, be listening to the seasons, and our bodies, and our minds. And hibernating. Or at least adapting accordingly (as much as I want to channel a hedgehog and curl up in a ball and sit under leaves at the bottom of the garden, I don’t think I’d get away with it).

So, for me, I’ve been getting home from work and relaxing, wrapping up in my blanket, putting my slippers on, eating the cosy food that warms me through, and having lovely hot baths before snuggling in bed. And. most importantly.. NOT FEELING GUILTY FOR DOING IT. At least pushing that guilt away when it comes.

So I’m trying.

Other things have been throwing a slight spanner in the works. On return from my most recent trip overseas, to the beautiful shores of North Carolina, I alighted the airport bus at a different stop on entering Oxford – why? We have moved house!!! Successfully whilst I was away (maximum kudos to husband, who will be able to hold it against me forever). So, we are in our new place (hurray!). And it’s a, er…. shall we say “do-er upper”. It is the single biggest reason that I have been shrouded in blogging silence for the past 2 months (honest). Well, that and the hibernation thing.

It’s a project. No central heating. No internet for a month (thank god that’s sorted now!). And pretty much every single room needs ripping out and replacing. Oh, and the garden was a jungle, which we have since massacred and discovered all sorts of interesting things in!

So welcome to our long term project. One that we’ll need to scrimp and save for. It’s super scary and super exciting and I expect it will become a reason for me to blog far more often as I work my way through my hibernation period….

overgrown garden

Mum helping me tame the garden

messy garden

Once the trees came down

pet cemetary headstone

I’m not digging any deeper!


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Over the last couple of days I have become a woman possessed. I don’t know if it’s because the seasons are changing, or whether it’s because I’m transitioning from a busy period of my life (wedding planning) to a more sedate one (!) BUT I am suddenly feeling the need to kick myself into action.

First of all I bought a Moleskine notebook. I’ve never invested in a classy notebook before, but this one has special features and there are even YouTube videos on how to use it.

Then I went on a mad rampage (yesterday) and threw out all the paper that was sprawled all over my desk. I think I was inspired by a site I stumbled upon on my “investigation” into new (for me) and youth-oriented Tumlbr – Things Organized Neatly.

So my desk is clearer.

I then started reading my daily emails from the Huff Post, more specifically some of the delights from the Third Metric and Healthy Living sections. And these posts are rocking my world right now.

After being directed to a Stress-Management (re)Boot camp and completing their survey, I’ve scribbled on a post-it note (the only one in my office at the moment!), the following:

  • exercise

  • nutrition

  • charity work

These things are areas to be improved.

I’ve then discovered how to supercharge my walk, why the Swiss are the happiest people in the world, and how to boost your mood with just 80 seconds a day (loving the idea of well-wishing!).

So this is all very distracting, but it’s invigourating my lunch hour, albeit I am still sitting at my desk and staring at a glowing screen. So with that I’m going to prise myself off my seat and use my final 10 minutes of lunch-hour to stop reading and start doing. I’m off for a (supercharged) walk!

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St Giles Fair OxfordIt’s official, summer is over. At least in Oxford. The St Giles Fair, a huge wonderful monster of a neon fair, passed through town at the start of this week.

Yesterday afternoon, I strolled through the fabulous chaos on my walk home from work. Gawking at the crazy rides which threw screaming teenagers up in the air, just inches from the historical colleage brickwork. Inhaling the glorious sickly sweet smell of candy floss on a stick.

And this morning I made the same walk in reverse, as I headed to work, and it was all gone. Not a trace left behind.
St Giles Fair symbolises the end of summer in Oxford. So now, with summer over, it’s time to embrace autumn.

I LOVE autumn. I think the transition months are actually my favourite. I start to get excited about autumn half way through summer. I’m naturally a person who likes to wrap up in layers, preferably woollen, scarves, legwarmers, thick socks, woolen dresses, fingerless mits, hoods, fur lined boots, ear-muffs. Yes.

Feet in leavesI love kicking leaves and I’m pleased that I’ve seen small piles of them already, in their gorgeous burnt colours, and I gravitate towards them and walk through them. Soon there will be more.

I love a bright blue sky and a fresh breeze. Perfect for me is bright even to wear sunglasses but cold enough to have a body warmer and scarf. Heaven. The skies seem to retract at this time of year and become somehow higher. The clouds wisp and the brilliance of the sky makes picture perfect scenes of the Oxford colleges in their cotswold yellow brick at every turn.

So tonight, since it’s the day after the end of the fair, and also inspired my the arrival on my mat of October’s Country Living (all about Autumn; pumpkin soups, walks in the country, pulling out the knitting needles…), I decided to do a meditation on Autumn, Blue Peter style.

There was a 5 back-to-back episode marathon of Falling Skies in our flat tonight (we just bought the Season 1 DVD), so I amused myself by pulling out my back issues of CL and other mags and starting to cut and paste, old school style, anything that reminded me of the things I love about autumn. It was very cathartic, and a dose of colour therapy and gave me pause to linger on the things I love and look forward to over the next few months… And I FINALLY got round to doing some scrap-booking. Hurrah!

So, here is the result.

Autumn scrapbook

And I can keep looking at it, and go back into my meditation.

So I’m excited about pulling on my bedsocks, making my own squash soups, baking more cakes, dusting off my knitting needles, planning a Halloween party, getting my winter woolies out, going for walks in the parks when the leaves are falling, taking photos as the season changes, snuggling in at the weekends and reading more books… ahhh…

And I’m not sure if the badger is symbolic of autumn, I just loved this picture!

Happy autumn 🙂

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