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Once more I make the early morning roll down the hill to the Heathrow bus stop. It’s early. I know this because it’s dark, the sky screams night time, and the only other soul I see is a man doing the Fresher fandango; a weaving walk towards amd past me, on and up the hill. He had a good night…
I’m off to Madrid today, the glittering world of publishing and my recent jump into a new, “big” job (hence the lack of blog posts this month) is taking me to Europe’s largest oncology conference, to meet, mix and mingle with people who are trying to save the world from cancer. That’s pretty incredible.
On my roll down the hill I had my usual and slightly bizarre outpouring of mind chatter. The monkey mind is a morning person, it seems, questioning this lifestyle, this work, kissing goodbye to my husband to leave for another 4 day stretch, to conference centres and hotel rooms and powerpoints and high heels… The reason for this? A very interesting session last night at The New Year’s Resolution Club on Authenticity.
How much of life is driven by what you want and what you believe in? How many of you decisions do you run through a value-checker first, ensuring they are aligned with your personal value and beliefs? And how much is a conveyor belt, designed and built by someone else, you’re just on for the ride? Sometimes it’s hard to say.
This morning, on that trundle, I checked in. I travel, which I love, I work for a company doing good in the world, helping people to search for the cure for cancer (amongst other things!), I am amongst intelligent, creative people who believe in a common good, and I get paid to do it so I can live in an amazing city with my wonderful husband. OK, my grass IS green, vibrant, in fact.
My job is now to ensure I bring myself 100% with authenticity to the party. I don’t need to fill shoes of people who have gone before me. I don’t need to be the glossy career girl in the magazine pages. I need to be me, right here, right now.
Last night I packed, in my tiny case, amongst the high heels and tangled up with the laptop cable, my hair straighteners. I thought I’d need to make a “good impression” in the board meeting tomorrow by ironing flat my curls, to fit in and be professional. In a small act of tingling defiance this morning I whipped them out of my case and put them back in my drawer. Authenticity starts right now, the straightners stay at home!


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