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Over the last couple of months I’m being reading a lot about sugar. It was an accidental journey, I somehow discovered a book – the 21 Day Sugar Detox, which led me to another, The Sweet Poison Quit Plan, and I’ve suddenly become hyper-aware of the amount of sugar that lurks in everything, and I mean EVERYTHING stacked on our supermarket shelves. It’s scary.

Perhaps what’s more scary (at least to my friends and colleagues) is my new found obsession with trying to beat sugar out of my life. I’ve been a cookie-monster, cake-guzzler, sweet-toothed fairy all my life and it kind of breaks my heart to think that I may never be able to sink my fangs into a zingy lemon merangue pie again, but I’ve slowly been trying to wean myself off the white stuff for the past 6 weeks and now, NOW I’m ready for the big challenge – the 21 Day Sugar Detox.

Now I’ve never really been on a diet programme before, oh, and it’s not really a diet, more a detox – it’s only (!) 21 days, and it’s to see what is possible if I can get sugar out of my system. I’m promised better sleep, more regulated moods, no “h-anger”, a little weight loss and of course, numerous health benefits.

bookFor me this challenge is about getting the sugar out but also the real challenge of preparing meals 3 times a day for 21 days. Saying no, beating cravings, building and flexing my will-power muscle (something I always believed I never had). SO, we (yep, have persuaded hubby to join) are going to start on Sunday June 1st, I’m currently desperately ordering weird and wonderful coconut products (oil, flour, butter..) off the internet, trying to decipher the foreign american terms for the ingredients and my mind is boggling at the amount of time I may need to spend prepping and cooking food for the next 3 weeks.

Fruit bowlI’m currently feeling about 60% confident that I can do this challenge, it’s going to be incredibly time consuming and with the pressure that the detox will invariably introduce some mood dips, energy fluctuations and general detoxy symptoms, I’m trying to stay focused on the end goal – to reach that 21 days without faltering.

I’m trying to break the habit of a lifetime, and that pesky sugar has a LOT to answer for…


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This week I let my name go. The name I’ve lived with for *cough* thirty seven years. The name that was called in the playground, the name that was all over school reports and exams. The name that gained my university degree, the name that built my career. The name that found its way onto the internet and built up an identity with global “friends” and “followers” and “connections”. The name on my office door at work, the name on my debit and credit cards, the name on both of the passports that I’ve had so far in life that have been stamped as I travelled all over the world.

The name that went on Countdown, the name that has advertised classes and clubs in my communities, the name I’ve used to introduce myself in hundreds (maybe thousands) of meetings and presentations and interviews and conversations.

The name I sign, I trace several times a day, without even thinking about it, fingers on auto-pilot.

The systems at work zapped that name into the Ether. It disappeared from the “Address Book” and a new name appeared in its place. It’s slowly taking up residence in my auto-signature, on my presentations and I’m slowly starting to fill out forms with that new name.

It’s been 6 months since I got married, and I’ve finally got round to doing this. I think I needed that time to transition. One day earlier this month I just walked into the bank and changed my bank card. Then last week I submitted the request to update all systems and accounts at work. And *pooof* just like that, she’s gone.

stick of rockI’ve had a lot of conversations with other women about this process and people have a lot of varying opinions about this. I always thought I’d keep my name, then I thought I’d double-barrel, I thought “if you cut me, you’ll see my maiden-name emblazened through me like a stick of rock”. In some ways I do feel like that, I feel that at heart, in my core, my birth surname will always be with me, but there is also something exciting and liberating about taking on my new identity. It’s like shedding an old snake skin and stepping out into the world all fresh and shiny and ready for my next chapter. So, get ready world, there’s a new Annabel in town, and aside from having a slightly shaky signature (which I will practice), she’s got new waves to make under her new identity!!

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