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Where the heck have I been? It really frustrates me when people start things and aren’t able to commit to keeping them going, ESPECIALLY blogs. ARGH I hear myself scream at my own darned “away-ness”. Anyway, I’m not going to linger on it, more get on with it. But I have to say, my bellydance journey has stumbled of late, and the last six months have led my focus elsewhere.
So October took me to Borneo, one of those magical destinations that I’ve dreamed of visiting for a long time, and it did not disappoint. It is truly one of the most spectacular places on Earth, with lovely people and such diversity of nature within a reasonably small country. We made a detour via Kuala Lumpur, a fab city, to see the majestic petronas towers, and the wonderful hindu temples in the Batu Caves (and monkeys).

Then onto Borneo, conquering Mount Kinabalu (the most physically demanding thing I've ever done) – the sunrise at the peak was incredible – a real moonscape that I've never forget, but coming down.. that was something else. Legs punished. Then onto the jungle to spend days on boats cruising the jungle water edge. Snakes, mega moths, monkeys, frogs, and we were lucky enough to see orangutans with babies in the wild!! Then onto the beach – more like paradise! – our island retreat to watch giant turtles laying eggs at midnight on the sandy shores. Ahhhh. Finally we spent the rest of our days at a 5 star island resort in a honeymoon palm villa with private infinity pool and scuba diving ship wrecks! What a dream.

The early part of 2012 has led me into a new journey as I'm embarking on nurturing my spiritual side. I've started on a 4 week meditation programme of Raja Yoga through InnerSpace, which is opening up some interesting ideas about understanding yourself as a soul, rather than a body with a soul. It’s quite challenging but I’m taking some interesting ideas from it, and it’s helping me reassess my priorities and directions for the future. Also I’ve embarked on the second attempt at completing The Artist’s Way – I’ve got to week 5 of 12, which is huge progress, and already feeling much more creative and open to new opportunities. And NOW I am contemplating taking part in the “Screw Work Let’s Play” 30 Day Challenge, which starts in May. PHEW!
Earlier this year I also decided to take a break from teaching bellydance, as work was becoming a bigger part of my life. I had to finish my CIM qualification and I’d just taken on a new role at work, managing more people and covering workload. So marketing had defintely taken over my life, but it is all incredibly stimulating and interesting. So I disappeared under and avalanche of marketing madness! Over the last few weeks though, the sun has come out, I’ve been hula hooping in the park and with summer approaching and my creative/spiritual adventures have led me back to the path of bellydancing!! SO I am rebooking my room for May and will be hoping to start up again in the next couple of months. Hurrah!


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