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Artists and Entourage wristbandWow, so this summer has been BUSY and it has zipped by and I now seem to be staring down the barrel towards autumn – what happened?!?! Hmmm work me feels. BUT I haven’t let that get in the way of a creative summer, continuing on from Cowley Carnival exploits to attend our first FESTIVAL!!Getting ready in the portaloo
We were lucky enough to be invited onto stage at the cabaret tent at Truck festival for 3 acts HURRAH. And all of us fully-fledged owners of our spangly wristbands with “Artists and Entourage” emblazened across it. Oh, the glamour!!

Roustabout at Truck as steam punk gypsiesWe paraded as pirates, with our Pirates of the Caribbean entrance, followed by my pirate version of Spell on you – dancing around my skull stick (don’t ask), then a quick prowl around the site to locate some tasty festival food, and back for a change in the port-a-loos 🙂 We made our sencond entrance shimmying as steam punk gypsies, and then for a final change to lord as leopards, with an adapted version of Ooo La La, in our new exciting leopard print outfits with our owl masks whooooo! It was brilliant – and the later it got, the more the crowd responded (hmmm), as we walked around the festival site in our outfits, we got loads of fab attention 😀 nice!

Leopards oo la laSo, what else, I started a zills class in London with the wonderful Galit Mersand – someone who I have been desperate to have teach me for ages, and after two false starts (being in Slovenia and then avoiding London because of the riots…) I FINALLY got to class last week to bang those finger symbols together – it’s SO MUCH FUN. Although I’m pretty intimidated – despite dancing for over 12 years, I never really learnt how to use the zills – and you are supposed to learn from the start so it’s easy to dance and clang at the same time! Yikes… still, I’m getting there, and thanks to my zill-muffs, not driving the other half to complete distraction yet. Well, the zills are still on the table and not thrown out the window… yet!

Hula hoopingSo my final news is today’s exicting activity – hula hooping! I have been dying to get to a hooping class for the past 2 years – ever since my London lass Eva introduced me to the hoop at Secret Garden Party a few years back, but of course, nothing cool like that comes to Oxford (everywhere else, it seems), so I bit the bullet, found a wonderful teacher online (Emma Kerr of Hooping Mad) and invited her to Oxford YAY. We got good numbers and learnt some fab tricks and moves, spinning the hoops round our bodies, in all directions, jumping, flicking, rolling. Have a few minor bumps and bruises from all the over excited hoop throwing, but LOVED IT of course. So now… starting up a Oxford Hooping group – to all those lost souls who are hooping in their back gardens – come out and play!! Now, just gotta work out some kind of bellydancing, zill clanging, hula hooping fusion, and all in the leopard print outfits – PERFECT. Next stop, Goa.(please)…


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