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Come to the cabaret!

Phewwwweee! What a weekend. Last night was the climax of Shimmy Shimmy Bang Bang’s mad dash of a six week rehearsal schedule with the Queen of Club’s Halloween Cabaret. And what a night! We managed to pull off our three performance stretch across the night, starting at 10.30 with our Skelebob revival, mixed up a little from last year, followed up at 11.30 with the Clockwork Bellydancers and then topped off at 12.40am (or was it 11.40, as clocks went back at some point…) with my latest solo to Pink Panther theme tune. The whole night was an absolute blast and we got so much incredible feedback from the audience, THIS is what it’s all about.
Skeleton bellydancersSo first up, the Skelebobs, as we now affectionately refer to this dance, born for last year’s halloween and adapted for this year – in our skeleton body stockings complete with skeleton gloves and spooky white robot masks. This one is always a crowd pleaser – as we start facing away from the audience and as the dooof of the first beats of Goldfrapp’s Ooh la la kicks in, we slowly turn to reveal the spooky white expressionless faces. We then enter into the dance itself – a series of intricate moves, complete with the much loved (by the dancers) “zombie arms”, “Smoking gun” and “Choo choo camel” sections – all the while with those scarey white faces peering out into the audience!!zombie arm skelly bellydancers
All the gals pulled it off brilliantly, despite having our already minimal stage cut in half by a projector screen for the evening – good on Nicky and Lara for climbing up onto the seats to perform their dance!

clockwork bellydancersAn hour later and we were up again, having all scrabbled into the *tiny* backstage area, getting into our full gypsy skirts, hips belts, and our carefully constructed and scaffolded clockwork keys – jutting out of the back of our white t-shirts. Donning our jaunty bowler hats, so our clockwork orange style eye makeup peeked out underneath, we embarked on the second dance- to Roustabout. This one really went well with the theme of the night – steampunk vintage, with the eerie chimes and clickedy clack music, we ticked and snaked around the room and pulled off another crowd pleaser (or so it seemed – the room was packed!). I think we all managed to get through the whole piece without keys falling out, or bowler hats slipping (there’s nothing like a prop spectacle..)

Nearly the pink pantherThen the girls could finally relax – they’d all done me proud and it was lovely to see them beaming with post-performance adrenalin sparks! The bags of energy continued as clockwork bellydancers then spread out into the club to carve up the dancefloor!

I slipped back behind the screen to change into my final outfit of the evening – my new leopard print catsuit, complete with mouldable tail, ears and scratch marks! Despite it being nearly an hour later and some people starting to leave, more seemed to flow in, and when I took the stage for my new solo veil dance to the Pink Panther theme tune, the room was yet again packed to the rafters!

So I did my thing and it felt brilliant! I had choreographed my new dance with a pink veil (trying to bring some pink back into the dance) and was channeling the panther all the way through with my claws on display! It went really well and I was getting nice amounts of love from the crowd 🙂 And then, of course, it was all over – so quick! And all that adrenalin caught up with me – phew – needed to get home to bed (via the kebab shop for the fella, now that was a little odd, trying to hide my leopard spots and tail…

Over all it was a wonderful night, all the gang did brilliantly – bags of energy, not a hint of nerves, and dealing really well with the trials and tribulations of tiny changing areas, even tinier stages and generally having to remember all those moves (and head positions!). Fab fab fab. And I even got a couple of new recruits to class – including several men! We’ll see if they turn up, but I did have one point in the evening where I was teaching a goat to do a chest circle… You gotta love halloween on the Cowley Road…


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It’s been a crazy week (what’s new?). We’re on a really busy at schedule at the moment with my Thursday night performance class as we are just over 2 weeks away from our Halloween performance at the Queen of Clubs cabaret and we are working on TWO choreographies at once! YIKES, the challenge is on! So my Thursday nights are warm ups, drills them BAM one dance BAM the other – and I’m just hoping it’s gonna stick in my dancer’s minds :S I did a video last week and was busy copying it over onto CDs and memory sticks in a hope that my gals will be practising in the week! Anyway, last week hit a bit of a hurdle when my usual lovely old lady who looks after the key to our dance space went AWOL (turns out later it was a long day out with the WI…) and we were homeless for the evening – at such a critical time in our rehearsal plan, this was NOT good. We all decamped (through the drizzle of the dark evening) to the closest pub and they suggested we pleaded mercy at the recently re-vamped Pegasus theatre… one quick trip up the road from one of my gals and 10 minutes later we were all standing on the stage at the Pegasus – ready to go!! So a big BIG thankyou to the wonderful Pegasus theatre for saving our rehearsal :D.

An insight into our costumes for Halloween

Inspiration for our halloween costumes

And now... Shimmy shimmy bang bang-ified!

We’re all on track sorting out our costumes for the Halloween gig – all very exciting, we’ve come up with some fab ideas for creative outfits – and they have all been arriving at my flat in boxes this week!
So far this week I’ve not been doing so well, suffering from the pre-winter sniffles, so getting better with boxes of paracetomol and my Sex in the City box set… oh and have also been practising for the bake-off competition at work next week, with a selection of different types of Malteaser cake…

So I am TRYING hard to relax and get better, as I have another rehearsal tomorrow night and there is no time in the schedule for being sick…maybe another slice of the malteasers cake will help…

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