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Ahhh nooooo, I definitely planned for this never to happen. The curse of the silent bellyblog, the rolling of the tumbleweed, the flash in the pan… It’s been MORE than a few weeks since last I graced the land of blog and time has caught up with me. There is something about this time of year, as if it wasn’t going fast enough already, when it seems to lap itself, overtake itself and run off into the distance blowing raspberries back at the shadow of its former self. Somewhere in this torrent, I am standing there going EH? What’s happening?
So, things have been ticking over quite nicely with the bellydancing. Classes that I go to sort of stopped over the summer (Oxford shuts down in the summer months as the students drain away and the plug of tourists arrives…). I’ve kept mine going – for me there are no holidays – and I’ve had a lovely crowd of my hardcore attendees and some wonderful new drop ins and some remain (which is nice). I’ve also started up another class at work, which keeps my Monday evenings nice and energetic!

We are about to embark on a very busy 6 week programme of preparation for a fabulous Halloween gig (cripes, is it THAT time of year again?!?!) – where we are the bellydance stars of the evening – I’ve planned a couple kooky bellydance cabaret numbers to freak and delight the audience!! So we’re going to be doing a double-whammy – 2 choreographies simultaneously!!! YOWSERS, that is a challenge – we’ll see!!!

Also, I have, coming up this Sunday, a performance with my partner in crime from Soleil d’Egypte, at Hipnotic in Reading – we’ll be doing our performance to Walk Like an Egyptian – come along if you are in the area!! http://hipnotic.org/eventdetails.aspx

I’ve also booked in for a workshop in November with the wonderful and breath-taking performer Anasma (formerly of NYC’s BellyQueen) – she moves like liquid and has the MOST incredible expression and performance you will ever see (she once actually brought me to tears with a performance) – HipSinc are hosting her in November, so get there if you can (I am!!!).

So, as for my excuses for all round busyness this autumn, I have just returned from a wonderful week on the isle of Ibiza – not all boom boom boom, a little bit boom, but mostly lovely beaches, hot hot hot weather, lip smacking tapas and seafood, some exceptional mohitos and gloriously colourful hippy markets. A delightful pause in my crazy life. Now I’m just embarking on a Marketing qualification, which, I was reminded on Monday (first webinar) is the equivalent of an Hons degree. Which I will mostly be doing in my eves, along with the dancing!! OH and I’ve got my once in a lifetime trip to Peru on the horizon (Jan next year), so I have to plan for altitude. Need to get my lung capacity up and learn Spanish. Not much to do then, hey ho!!!


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