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A very good friend of mine is now well into her 5th month of pregnancy and has been coming along to my classes for a while now. In September she is handing over her Thursday evenings to NCT (National Childbirth Trust) classes and so, alas, it is time to say goodbye to her, until after her little one emerges! So, as a fair-thee-well, I am going to put together a class, just for her, to give her the most useful moves for childbirth…. Now, this is, all down to research and tales from others, not being a mum myself, I can only go on those experiences of others. I have been told the way forward is nice undulating movements, smooth circles and figures of eights. Another friend of mine, after hours and hours of agonising and frustrating labour, finally, one she reached the right amount of centimeters, pushed her little girl out, with the assistance of hip eights, in 25 minutes flat!!!

So I intend to avoid the sharp movements, definately no shimmies for her! Keep it all about the natural smooth rhythm of the fluid movements, vertical eights (which can be modified for the lying down position), focusing on relaxing all other areas of the body.

After trawling the net, I did find reference to an article by Morroco, who herself witnessed a child birth ritual where women gathered in a tent, dancing around the mother to be whilst performing camels and belly flutters – so watch out, this week we’ll mostly be doing that!!!

Article: http://www.casbahdance.org/GIVE2LIGHT.htm

Other websites/resources:

Bellydance 4 Bumps
Goddess Dance
Bellydance for Birth – dance of the womb

PLEASE NOTE: These are sites that I have found whilst browsing the internet that looked interesting to me – I am not an expert in this particular area, if in doubt, contact your doctor 🙂 and talk to your teacher, who will be able to give you the wisdom of her experience and opinions!


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Summer seems to have it’s grasp on me with a higher than usual number of birthday camping trips, barbqs, hen dos, weddings and so in, August really is packed with weekend activities! So no time for relaxing, planning and generally thinking allowed on those valuable days off! I seem to have found myself in a small pain predicament. Last week, being at “T minus one month” from my summer holiday to Ibiza, and therefore optimal bikini body preparedness, I decided to launch into an extreme exercise program of at least something every day, not including my dancing. Phew, I was going pretty well until Thursday night, when, after a lunchtime legs, bums and tums, followed by my usual Thurs eve bellydance class, an old twinge started to hum in my left knee… Hmmm. Thought I should pull out of lunch time Pump class on the Friday, went down to the gym “Noooo you’ll be fine” from the instructor. OK…
Not fine. Over the weekend getting more twinges, off to a weekend wedding trip to Devon, walking up and down hills in flip flops twinge, twang, twing, knee nerves pinging… noooooo.
Being a bellydancer, the knees are pretty crucial, and a always one to push through a slight pain, I’m now rethinking this theory. I had a class tonight, which was OK, but I was VERY cautious on the hip drops and twisting camels with the supporting left leg. This is not good.


My sore knee

So I don’t have a very happy knee. Not only for dancing, but for negotiating stairs (of which there are a lot at work) and the bike ride to work, I can suddenly see how I need to take this little twinge seriously.

Armed with my mum’s good ol’ physio advice of RICE (rest, ice, compress and elevate) and some foot twisting physio exercises, I have confined myself to the sofa tonight, with my poor knee under a rolled up blanket and some soggy frozen peas dripping down my leg. Please please please make it get better soon, I was only craving that perfect bikini bod, I promise I’ll calm down on the hard-core exercise and thank my lucky stars that I have mobile joints, just let my left knee get better 🙂

Oh the joys of ageing joints and pushing yourself too hard. Valuable lessons to be learnt, I’m sure. Sofa bound for now, at least I get to catch up on some blogging….

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